Alloy RSS and apostrophe in Title

When I have a feed title containing an apostrophe ', and when I look at the generated RSS file, I do not understand why is is being generated in TITLE like this (with string : ')

And generated like this when in DESCRIPTION (with the apostrophe)


Seasoon's Greetings

Whenever possible I would prefer to have juste the apostrophe also in the TITLE


I’m out of the office right now so I can’t get on the computer to look this over in RW right now. But have you attempted to escape the quotation marks? If not try putting \ in front of each quote.

For what it’s worth, this isn’t just Alloy. I find that whenever you put anything like an apostrophy in a title from which an RSS feed is generated it leads to problems.

I once had an RSS feed from another application setup to feed into a sitemap, which was then fed into a search system, but it kept falling over. In the end we nailed it down to titles like “Now’s the time to buy”. Instead of “Now Is The Time To Buy” etc.

I now tend to keep puncuation marks to the minimum in titles, or anything that appears in an RSS feed, as I’m reasonable convinced they break things.

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This is definitely something to be looked at for the future.

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