Alloy RSS Pretty URL and 404


I use pretty URLs with Alloy. When a link of a blog entry comes from the RSS feed, it still includes the ?id= .

If someone opens this link with a browser AND then clicks on next or prev to read another article, this link has the name of blog folder omitted:

Open this link:

Click on next or previous at the bottom:

And you see that the blog folder - in this case tips - is not part of the URL any longer. So this site gets a 404 error.

This is problematic, since search engines follow the RSS trail and mark the pages as unavailable and return errors.

Is there a way to use Pretty URL and have RSS still enabled?

If it is not working it seems you’ve answered your own question there, right? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That said, I will take a look at it and see what can be done. Alloy has a pending release, but it is a pretty big update under the hood. I’ll look to get it addressed. I still have a lot to do for the next Alloy update so I can’t promise whether it will be in the next update or a future update after that.

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It is not so important, I switch off RSS for now :slight_smile:

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