Alloy - Search can it be made more specific

Is it possible to make the search in Alloy more specific, to search only titles for example. The issue is that if a word like ring it put in spring or any wording containing the ‘ring’ gets a result (spring, boring, meandering) can it be made full word specific, or title only specific.

Good morning @pat

Alloy’s Search stack is a general purpose search, for sure. There’s not way to fine tune the search in the settings. Making it pretty wide ranging was a better course when designing it as to make sure things were not unnecessarily excluded. I’ve had some users request it find more information that is not currently included, so I think it definitely comes down to personal preferences as to what results you want returned. I can look at possibly being able to allow more control over this in the future.

Thank Adam, you are excellent at getting back to any questions asked.

Not a problem. I think the Alloy search falls in between being too specific and overly general. Though it definitely leans to a more general search by far. I’ll note this down as a request for a future update when I circle back to Alloy work next.

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