Alloy - Sizing Photos

Can we size photos to less then full width (container width)?

In what area of Alloy are you referring to? Full Entry view? Summaries View? Topper Image? Something else?

Full Entry View, Summaries View and Topper Image.

Personally I’m not sure why you’d want the topper image to not span the width of the post. That said – you cannot make the topper image be less wide than your post.

As for within the body of the blog post – you can indeed have images that are not as wide as the blog post within the content of the post.

Thank you for your reply.

How do we go about changing the width of images in the body section. Can we also change the alignment (left, center or right) of an image on the page?

Make your original image smaller using your image editing software. You should always make your images their final size before adding them to your site, blog etc.

No, Markdown does not have an alignment tag. Markdown allows for HTML tags however so you could align content that way if you want, but pure Markdown itself does not have alignment tags.

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