Alloy stack on which pages?

Quick question:
Where does the Alloy stack need to be integrated?
Does the Alloy stack need to be integrated on all websites project-wide or only for the BLOG and Editor web pages?

Currently I have the Alloy stack in a “basic” Partiel stack with FOUNDRY, Tapeface and so on. However, I wonder if this is necessary for Alloy.


There’s some Quick Start videos on the Alloy site, in the documentation section that will get you up and running with regards to using Alloy.

The only place you need the main Alloy Control Center is on pages where you’ve inserted Alloy content. This would be the Blog page, Editor, pages where you’ve used the Recent Posts Alloy tool, etc, etc. If you don’t have Alloy content on a page, you don’t need the Alloy Control Center stack. Makes sense, right?

yes… that makes sense!

i did not have the “recents posts” on the radar…

thx & regards!

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