Alloy: Stranges lines in the Editor

I use Foundry Atium | v2.3.2.0 + Alloy Mithril | v3.0.4
But I have a problem in the Editor. I have alert lines above the Posts list like:
Warning: get_headers (): This function may only be used against URLs in
/home/clients/e1124708d032da4d41c8fae5cc7dc49f/web/Productions/Editeur/index.php on line 975
Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach () in /home/clients/e1124708d032da4d41c8fae5cc7dc49f/web/Productions/Editeur/index.php on line 1807

I have 48 lines like this for only 16 Posts

However, everything works perfectly in the blog and I can add Posts without problems. There are just those ugly lines above in the Editor.

I have reinstalled the whole thing on another server (with the same php 7.4 version) and I don’t have this problem. Is it related to hosting? :thinking:
Has someone already had this problem?
Thanks for your help!:sweat_smile:

Looks like you’ve got PHP setup to show warnings, notices, errors, etc. You should be able to turn that off in your hosting settings. You’ll need to consult your host’s documentation. Warnings and notices are nothing to worry about, but you obviously don’t want them displaying since you’re not debugging code.

Thank you! :+1:t3: I’ll try that :v:t4:
Have a nice day/night :blush:

YES! That’s it
I created (at the root of the site) an .user.ini file with the instruction: display_errors = off
And hop! Finished
That’s wonderful :dancer:
Thank you :slight_smile: