Alloy v2 and MAMP

Hi, I am a newbie with Foundry and Alloy3. I haven’t got an online server yet and test localy, using MAMP. I can follow your youtube tutorials, but can’t seem to locally ‘upload’ images for the Toppers, I just get a red X or circle. when I ‘Choose a File…’ In the ‘Sites’ folder, the images appear in the ‘image-uploads’ folder of the editor, but not in the ‘images-uploads’ folder of the blog.

Hello Leonardo,

I experienced the same problem a week ago and there was a chat in this forum that helped some users. Adam basically advised the users to ensure they are running the correct version of PHP on the server, I believe that 7.2 and up was good enough. He also told them to ensure that the Website Address in the Publishing section of RapidWeaver matches that in the General tab of RapidWeaver next to Web Address. You should be able to find that post by performing a quick search.

This was not my issue , but what I found that helped me was to make sure that the name of my page (i.e. blog) was in the Folder section under General Settings inspector tab in RapidWeaver and leave the file name as index.php (before I used to place a / next to the Folder and blog.php next to Filename in the General Settings and this did not work with Alloy).

Finally, I deleted all the old files of my server and republished all the files from RapidWeaver agin, and went through the blog setup process again. This along with the suggestions above solved my problem. Hope this helps.


Hi @leonardo1776

What is the goal of building the blog locally using MAMP?

I ask because the posts you make locally, including image uploads, will not point to the proper location if you plan to move the blog to your server later on.

Alloy was not designed with MAMP in mind as it is expected the blog will be hosted on your server for others to read.

Hi, even if it doesn’t work, the promptness of your reply, shows the quality of this forum and its members. I will try your suggestions and report back - thank you

“What is the goal of building the blog locally using MAMP?”: basically to stop myself going mad with boredom, especially during this time of Covid incarceration.

I am 81, a widower and alone for the past 13 months, with a relatively still active mind.

I have Rapidweaver 8 and a huge number of stacks, but do not intend to send up any web pages; I have Final Cut Pro 10.4, but do not intend to publish any films and also I have Cinema4D R20, but do not intend to publish any 3D graphics - as I have said, they are just a means to keep my neurones from decaying at the same rate as the rest of my body.

I hope this answers your question.

If you keep it local, it’s fine. But, keep in mind that if you do decide to publish to a web server you’ll basically need to start from scratch. I found that out the hard way myself.

Have fun!

@leonardo1776 I’d really encourage you to publish to a regular hosting company. That may prevent future potential confusions. I realize this is “play” for you and that’s great! Choose an obscure website name. Of, if willing, protect the website with something like Sitelok so only you (and perhaps a select group) can actually visit the site.

Whatever you decide, have fun! Building websites can be a great activity and keep those neurons super active.

Maybe grab yourself a Raspberry Pi, and install Apache? They’re dirt cheap, and work great for publishing locally.

I worked with Alloy locally first to get a good appreciation of it. Nothing for publishing, just playing around. Worked without issues. However I just use the Mac built in web server - though it needs to be configured. Otherwise MAMP should also work. As long as you have your URLs configured to point to your local instance correctly.

Hi all, I have now got a server, and my test site is up and running:
I had bit of trouble uploading images. It seems that there is a limit to the size of the images allowed, so I cut them all down to 30M,
Using MAMP is now easy, I just had to copy down the uploaded images and posts from the server side to my local MAMP folders and its up and running on MAMP. Alloy is brilliant.

Glad you’re enjoying Alloy.

The one thing I have to react to though is this…

You should not be using an image of that size for anything web related. That is enormous.

OOPS!!! that is a serious slip of the mind: what I meant that I loaded all of the images into Previews and reduced their size to 30cm across at 72pixels/inch.

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