Alloy v3 & Embed (drag & drop)


  • Apart from my index page, all my other RW pages are in singe folder: https://…/ESO-Pages
  • All my embeds are located in folder: https://…/ESO-Alloy-Embeds
  • The alloy editor is on page https://…/ESO-Pages/Editeur.php

Now the problem I have:

When I drag & drop an embed stack… from my editor to any other page, it’s not OK because the URL of the embed is wrong

“ATTENTION: The file https://…/ESO-Pages/ESO-Alloy-Embeds/ does not exist.”

The good URL would have be : https://…/ESO-Alloy-Embeds/

I don’t understand why during the drag/drop is with “/ESO-Pages” is carried on in URL ?

Hope you can help me

All of your pages should not be in a single folder. Please follow along with the Quick Start tutorial to see how you should be setting up your site. This video shows the way your project file should be setup.

I’d suggest starting a new project and following along with the the video linked above.

It is best practice that each page has its own folder.

Also please be sure to set a category for your forum post(s). This one should be in the Alloy category. :+1:

Also, just something else to look at when you re-work your project file – make sure the site URLs are correct in both your General and Publishing settings.

Thanks you very much Adam, indeed, re-publishing each page in its own folder, solved that problem :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Not a problem. Glad you got it sorted out in your project. :smiley: