Alloy - video re using tags

Can someone tell me which of Adam’s videos explains adding tags to blogs

What do you want to know?

Just how to add tags to a blog
I know how to add categories, but not tags
Are they same as droplets?

No, tags are not the same as Droplets. Tags are much like categories. They too are for your blog posts. They’re a way of sub-categorizing your posts.

Adding tags to your posts is covered here on the Blog Posts documentation page.

Thanks Adam
Just what I wanted - knew it would be there somewhere
I guess you get a bit frustrated when your documentation is so good but people like me don’t read t properly.

It isn’t overly frustrating or anything. I’m glad to help out. It just takes time to do the documentation and support. The less support I have to do, the more development I can do, which means more features, new products, etc. It is a tradeoff.

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