Alternate site logo for sticky navigation within Nav Bar Pro


Is it possible to set a different logo for sticky nav?

I was looking to have a nav bar which has a logo with three or so colours, but when scrolling the primary logo colour becomes the nav background and the logo changes to just pure white outline.



Hi there @jbunks

An alternate logo for sticky navigation is not something that Navigation Bar Pro, or any of the other navigation stacks within Foundry, do at this time. If you’d like to add a feature request though the instructions for doing so can be found here:

Thanks @elixirgraphics I’ll take a look at getting this logged.

Just out of interest does this support page use a Foundry nav stack? The image changes from Elixir Graphics logo to the topic name, icon and category when scrolling down?

No, the forum is not built with RapidWeaver. It is built with Discourse.

I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to do this using the free Chroma Pro stack from Big White Duck. It’s worth checking out at the very least.

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