An opportunity?

With the release of iPadOS and the iPad Pro if I may suggest, is an opportunity waiting for someone to take advantage of.

Yes it would take a UI genius and someone to think through (like Adam) the Apple recommended standards. But to me all signs are pointing to a convergence if not an outright replacement of the MacOS in the future.

Even if this opinion is wrong, iPadOS is surely a viable and fast growing market.

What is the question that you are asking? Anything that Adam develops is based on Rapidweaver. So, this has been asked and answered on the Realmac Forum numerous times. Rapdiweaver is not coming to the iPad anytime soon. Dispite the advancements in iPadOS, there are still several roadblocks and limitations to a program such as Rapidweaver. One being that it would not be able to access plugins such as Stacks. Which would put many devs such as Adam out in the cold. And Rapidweaver would be virtually useless as it stands now.

Not asking a question, making a statement.

The limitation of iPadOS is not there like it was. I use one in both of my industries every day. It is very capable.

Yes it would be a new product. This I stated new APP.

Just mentioning opportunity.

The limitation is that iOS does not allow plugins. This means RapidWeaver on iOS would not have Stacks, of themes, or stacks addons like Foundry. You’d have only RapidWeaver at its most basic. I don’t think that is something you or anyone else is looking for, right? While the iOS is growing to allow trackpads, a mouse, full-size keyboard, and more, it doesn’t allow the things RapidWeaver actually needs, which is addons.

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Honestly I miss the simplicity of a well executed theme based website creator.

Themes would not be possible. They’re addons.

An APP mixed in with an online server to attach addons? It just seems like there should be a way.

You should take a shot at building it and show us. :grin:

I have often thought about hiring someone. As you know it’s a big deal. Though with the AppStore it is not as difficult marketing a startup as it once was. The biggest trick is to not screw up the launch with a buggy or featureless app.

Cool. Let us know when it is ready!

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