Anchor Links to the Modal Stacks

Can I use an anchor link to a Foundry modal and then access it from a link on a different webpage? I know that I can use Joe Workman’s Expose stack to do this, but was curious about doing the same with the modal stacks in Foundry.

Foundry’s Modal stack does not trigger the modal in that way, sorry.

To satisfy my own curiosity, what would be the use case for this?

My family history site can use a lot of links to modal items that are on specific pages. For example, if I have a blog entry that talks about scanning tips that is on one of my subdomain pages, but inside a modal, it would be nice to link directly to open the modal on that page. For example, on the page below, there are 4 different modals that open up to different aspects of scanning photos. Rather than have our library patrons trying to find which modal to open from the blog, the link would open the specific referenced modal.

If I want to jump from one modal to another, it is helpful for more educational teaching. It helps to jump back to a subject or instructions that I had covered on a different page, but can be quickly reviewed by the library patron.
For example, these two anchors are on different pages, but they have similar instructions.

Hope that sounds clear.

Interesting use. From my view point, sending someone to a page and a modal immediately popping up seems a bit disorienting for the visitor, IMHO.

Personally if I were writing the blog post I would include all of the information in the post with screenshots showing how to achieve the desired goal or results.

I agree with your point. AND there is always the potential to have broken links in the future if the modal links are somehow changed. That could be a problem with my approach. I am fairly new to the “blogging” side of things and just trying things out. Thanks for your input Adam.

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