Anchors and Navigation

I have recently come back to RW with the last time using it in 2008. I am also brand new to Foundry. How do I set up anchors and have them work with Foundry Navigation?

Hey there @iankh! Welcome to Foundry!

The Glide stack offers a vertical, anchor based navigation in Foundry. Currently Foundry does not have a horizontal, anchor style navigation stack at this time.

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Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, that doesn’t fit with my design. Any suggestions for anything else I might use or somebody else’s stacks?

Foundry doesn’t currently have a horizontal, anchor based navigation. It is on the todo list, but is a big and complex project so it isn’t coming soon. I’m not sure of other stacks that do what you’re looking for that aren’t tied to other frameworks. There might be though.

Just use columns as a navbar with the textlinks or graphics inside and the link&anchor stack from Joe Workman to jump to the place in the document from the navbar:

That could work. But I suspect the mobile display might leave a lot to be desired.

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Unfortunately, mobile is going to be very important for the site I’m developing. It’s not a large site, and I originally had separate pages, but there wasn’t enough content to merit it. I moved to a one page design, because it works so well in mobile. I don’t think the nav is very important in a mobile setting, but would provide a better experience in desktop.

Have you looked at the Little Mouse stack from Doobox! This stack has two modes one of which is like an anchor, but the cool thing is that there is a way of setting up a link so that it will jump to the anchor (cheese as they call it). I use this on my site to go to a specific location on a page.

Of course you would have to setup the actual trigger display using links. The Little Mouse stack does provide a trigger mode and graphics for the trigger, but this would not really work for your navigation needs!

Little Mouse is nice stack! Doobox created something really cool there. I’ve got an anchor-style stack already built and in beta testing for Foundry as well. While a little different it would allow similar anchor links on a page.

Thank you. Though not appropriate for the current project, this is very appropriate for a couple of other projects for two senior focused sites I’m going to be working on. Seniors these days are using Plus sized iPhones or Galaxy’s or iPads to access the web and not desktops or laptops. They have a lot of trouble with a traditional hamburger mobile menu and this might work for an alternate navigation that is senior appropriate.

Thank you so much. I am looking forward to this!

I look forward to seeing this new stack when it is ready, certainly will be handy to have in Foundry!

I am looking forward for this new anchor-style stack, in fact already building a foundry base website that will benefit from it. Keep the good work!