Angle stack not working

This stack seems straight forward. However when I apply the angle stack to the page it will only remain completely horizontal no matter what I do. I’m sure I’m missing something simple but don’t know what that could be. Any insight much appreciated.

have you added any content to the Angle stack. I would drop a Container stack, a Margin Stack then adjust the top and bottom margins. Then drop a Header or Paragraph stack to see if that shows the angel.

Hey Steve, weirdly enough that combo worked on a completely new page but it did not work on my home page that is already built out.

What other stacks are on that homepage? Just in case, do you have the main Foundry stack on that page?

I do. with some headers, paragraphs, banner and a pro form

I was able to do this on a new page

I love this look and really want it for the home page

Are all of these stacks stock Foundry stacks? What I would do is to remove one stack at a time then preview to see if you get the look you want. Just in case, I would make a copy of your project file before you do this. If this does not help, I would zip up the project file and send it to Adam. He is checking support requests but it may be awhile since he is taking some time off.

NP, I could of thought I would have to rebuild the home page. If I don’t get it by later next week I will reach out. thanks much

Just checking in @Kurt – did you get this sorted out? If not, please send me a sample of this not working so I can have a look at it.