Animated Divider - feature request

I quite often use the Animated Divider stack under a Header stack for a bit of emphasis, especially on image-light pages.

The Header stack lets me define its alignment based on Mobile, Tablet and Desktop which is great.

Any chance the same could be possible for the Animated Divider so that it can match the alignment of the Header stack?



I’ll note this in my feature requests. I have a lot of requests piling up right now as I work on a large ongoing, unrelated project. Once I clear this project off the flight deck I can get some of these requests knocked out.


Hey Adam, If you are under the hood of the animated Divider stack in the not too distant future, any chance you can add a feature for it to only animate on once?

That’d be amazing!

Is there a particular reason you’d want it to animate once only?

As for filing feature requests for Foundry, Potion and Thunder: