Animated Text on different slides inside an image slider


I am trying to create an image slider on top of the homepage (just below the full height page banner). What I want to do is have some punchline text slide in (from left or right to the centre) / slide out (from the centre to left or right) or Fade In / Fade Out on few slides in the image slider.

eg: Say on slide number 2 the text (“Your One Stop Shop”) slides in from the left with a Button (“Learn More”). User clicks on the “Learn More” button and he is taken to another webpage.

What I have tried:
I have tried the Shift stack / Motion stack but that does not help. On the Shift stack we cannot control the direction and type of animation on the text. We can only control the delay. It picks up the direction automatically depending on the slide.

Challenges faced:

  1. I wish there were more options provided for content animation inside the “Animated Content” child stack of Shift stack !!
  2. Also I realised that we can hide the Label and Label Text completely for every individual slide in the Shift stack, however we cannot get rid of the Navigation Bar at the bottom of every slide. Maybe I am missing something. But I tried to make the width of the Navigation Bar to 0, but it was still there in the preview.


  1. Do I have to use combination of a few stacks from the library like (Image Slider + Banner + Reveal Pro) to achieve the desired effect.
  2. Or is there a simple solution like a type of Slider stack available in Foundry that has the inbuilt capability of Text animation with options for individual slides.
  3. Should I look forward outside Foundry. My first choice would be to stay within Foundry as I have bought everything
  4. Thunder, Motion and Alloy packs
  5. Stacks (Flux, Orbit, Shutter)

'cuz I found Foundry/Potion/Thunder/Alloy amazing

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Please help !!