Another website built with Foundry


I re-did my website as soon as Foundry launched. It’s also got Elixir Graphic’s Animagic sprinkled throughout and some other 3rd party stacks all working smoothly together (like Filter by Yabdab)

Got a few client sites in development using Foundry. Making changes based on client feedback is so much easier with Foundry - big time saver for me, thanks for this great product!


Great looking site! I like the way it gets to the point and the focus on a dedicated target audience. The before/after gallery is fun to look at and the reference to Netscape/AOL brings on memories. The SEO table breaks the ordered columns - by accident?

As a client showcase is one of the first sites a new client looks at, it takes way to long to load. Even with the note about this fact, I suggest you make a TOP 10 list and then link to a subsite covering the rest of the showcases. Then you can add a link from the showcase images on your landing page to the TOP 10 showcases?

An additional idea: Some websites do not exist any longer, perhaps you can disable those and thus keep the list a bit shorter?

Best regards


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Hi Jan,

Thanks for your feedback! I’ve been wrangling over options for the client showcase page and I agree, the ridiculous time it takes to load needs to be addressed. I like your idea of a top 10 … will have to work on something like this :slight_smile:

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Great looking site. I love the subtle movement on your Title and Sub-Title on the initial load.

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As a client showcase is one of the first sites a new client looks at, it takes way to long to load.

OK so after many months, (but not forgotten during this time!), I’ve finally implemented a solution for this slow loading issue.

I stumbled across the Loader stack by WeaverThemes and it works perfectly with everything else on this Foundry page. At least now people will see the progress bar and hopefully have the patience to wait things out.

Thanks again for your suggestion!


Site looks great. And I wasn’t running into any slow pages, though I only visited about 5. I don’t have a super fast internet connection so I’ll often experience long load times for image-heavy websites. Yours was a breeze. Nicely designed also!