Any demand for a Foundry event calendar?

I have noticed a severe lack of stacks and plugins dedicated to a solution for displaying events in a calendar form (month/week/etc). People can use CMS to have events appear in a list, and even disappear when past the date, but having a full calendar system viewable would be super cool! It’s probably enough value to make it a operate stack, like Orbit.

Anyways, just putting my request out there in case Elixir was even thinking about it and letting others voice support or not.

Hi there @jhooton and welcome to the community!

It is a nice sounding idea. I’m sure several people could use something like this. The trouble I see with a product like this is two-fold:

(1) This is a complex tool that would require integration with a tool like Google Calendar or something else, or it would require its own built-in backend. The former leads to problems when the tool changes, limits or removes its API integration. The latter means extensive development.

(2) The audience for something like this is much smaller than many of the other more ubiquitous web tools (like sliders, galleries, navigation, etc). This means the price has to be higher to account for the lower volume of sales. Additionally a tool like this is pretty complex as I mentioned above, which means sinking a lot of time into its development. This is fine if you’re making something that will do a high volume of sales as it gives you a sustainable ROI, or Return On Investment. But with a smaller audience and higher than normal complexity, you’re looking at an even higher price point, which cuts out some of the people who would buy the product otherwise. So you end up with a high priced item that is so niche you won’t sell many.

It is a hard balancing act.

Sorry to seemingly dump on the idea. Like I mentioned, it isn’t a bad idea for a product, just one that has some hurdles. I currently have a pretty full plate, so hurdles aside I don’t think I’d have time to focus on something like this, but perhaps another developer might.

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Well thanks for the quick and thought out reply. It all makes sense. I suppose my consolation idea would just be a stack that lets me add dates that “hide” once the date has passed.

Im currently using your Sort stack for a city event page, because we have a small number of them each year. I’ll be pivoting away from that eventually. Manual removal isn’t ideal and I forget sometimes haha.

A different take I made was four our Winterfest event, that is a month long. Again, it’s a manual removal of passed events.

I suppose a CMS is my best bet, since they have date creation, tags and the like built for sorting. Just curious if some sort of date management functionality could exist as a foundry stack.

Love your products by the way :). I don’t have any coding experience (and I break out in hives when I try), so getting a website made that feels professional with the triforce of rapdiweaver, stacks and foundry are fantastic.

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It would be easy enough to have time based content, and I believe there are some stacks out there that do this, but you’d still want to eventually remove them manually as otherwise that code is still on the backend of the page, but just isn’t being displayed.

Thanks for your praise! It means a lot! More great improvements for Foundry are already in the works.


You can use an airtable and the according stacks for this:

Talk to Heiko to see how this might be used…

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Thanks for the link! I’ll check into it.

I’ve used Weavium’s Kalendar in the past.

I saw Kalendar, but it seems to have stopped being supported (Last update 2018). I didn’t want to dive into something that could cause problems.

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I can imagine some people would want less dependence on Facebook and it’s scheduling tools. Given so many people use that it is probably a pretty big competitor and I could see how a stack maker would have trouble going against something so dominant.

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