Any harm a separate Nav Bar stack for each device?

In my search to have a perfect navigation bar for each of desktop, tablet, and mobile, I think I might have to create a separate stack for each view. I am doing the following:

  1. place a Stick Content stack at the top of the page
  2. place a Columns stack within it, that has four columns: (a) a logo, (b) Nav Bar Pro (using only one zone for navigation items), ( c) a button linked to another page, and (d) an icon font linked to my search page.
  3. place another Columns stack underneath the first, comprising three columns: (a) a logo, (b) a button, and ( c) Nav Bar Pro (using only one zone for drop down items).
  4. place a Nav Bar Pro stack underneath #3, comprising only two zones: (a) logo, and (b) drop-down items.

My question: is this going to slow down the loading of the page, or cause any other problems?

That may cause several issues. Rapidweaver really only likes one nav stack if possible. You have a bunch of nav items to keep track of for that method IMO. There are several nav solutions in Foundry alone and with the add ons. Also, search on the Realmac Marketplace for nav solutions. Adam cannot support those, but some work with Foundry.

You are making a ton of work for yourself though. Just my opinion. Keep things as simple as possible when you can.


I was afraid that might be the case.

I am only doing this because I haven’t been able to create a navigation solution using Foundry’s Nav Bar just as I need for this project. Specifically, I need to have a desktop view with (a) logo (b) nav items ( c) a button/nav item that is highlighted, and (preferably) (d) an icon linking to a search page.

It’s ( c) that has thrown me off. See this thread.

I have looked at a few other Nav Bar solutions, but am uncertain they will fare better.

I hit upon the idea of using columns to get everything I need in. That works great for desktop, but falls down when we move to a responsive view for tablet and mobile, where I only want (a) icon and (b) drop-down menu.

Thanks for the advice, though, saving me heartache down the road. Back to the drawing board.

Is there a link to an example web site that you want to emulate that you can share with us? I’m really at a loss as to what you are trying to accomplish.

The navigation is a tool for the web site, it shouldn’t be the focus of the site. Simple is best.


What did you use for the search?

That’s just an icon, linked to a search page running 1LD’s Live Search.

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With thanks to Steve for his advice above, I’ve settled on a different solution.

I’m using Mega Menu instead. I cut down the number of nav items to three essentials; it allows a search icon linked to a search page; and provides for a button at the far right. Hadn’t experimented with it before.

Perfect is the enemy of good.

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