Any idea on this one?

I am having issues publishing I can’t access my site like normal… Not sure if this is the problem. It’s not the server having two indexes actually…Because I switch servers and it’s the same error even after uploading for the first time. So it’s gotta be something already there in the project, or something on the server by default. I suppose it’s coming from somewhere in rapidweaver. I’m using Foundry, Alloy, Potion, Thunder and I have sitelok + weaver’s sitelock stacks but haven’t used them or configured. I also have mega menu from one little designer…

Thanx for any help

Already replied to your post on RM forum.

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Since this is a cross post from the Realmac forum, which is already generating quite a bit of assistance for you there, I’m going to go ahead and close this one. Especially since this isn’t Foundry specific, but rather to do with your hosting.