Any way to remove the ">" symbol in the navigation bar?

Hi guys,

I try to remove the “>” in the navigation bar (I tried mega menu too). How to remove the symbol in the foundry stack? Thanks!


Hi there @benchung – Are you referring to the indicator that shows that a parent navigation item has child options in the drop down? If so, that is not an option to remove that indicator.

Thanks. It will be great if this feature was included.


If it’s of interest this was discussed once before.

A feature to remove the indicator that show that a parent item has child pages is not likely something I will offer. It is standard practice to add an indicator to parent level items to signal to the visitor that there are more options waiting for them in a drop down menu.

I needed to do this yesterday and I am not a fan of those indicators, and used the following code:

nav.navigation_bar ul > li > a.parent::after {
display: none;

If you are not familiar with using code like this, just add exactly what is above into the RW - Settings - Code - CSS section. As always when adding code, just test the site and pay attention to the nav bar.