Anyone using Foundry and Rapidsearch Pro 2?

I’m having problems with getting Rapidsearch Pro2 to work.
I’ve contacted the developer and he says these are problems he’s not seen before and so far his suggested solutions have not worked.
I’ve also raised these problems on the general RW forum, but had no replies.
Without suggesting it’s anything to do with Foundry, before exploring this further I’d like to know whether anyone is successfully using Rapidsearch Pro 2 with Foundry.
Sandy Bay/Hobart/Tasmania/Australia

I have a genealogy site built with Foundry broken into 4 projects. I’ve unchecked having Rapidweaver generate a sitemap and I export all 4 of the projects into one directory. Once I’ve uploaded that mess to the server I use Scrutiny to generate a full sitemap, upload it to the site then log into the admin for Rapidsearch Pro, link to that sitemap and all works well.


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Thanks for a very helpful reply.
I use Sitemap Pro addon (which looks like it may do the same job as Scrutiny.)
Which may cause a problem if I don’t uncheck the RW sitemap generate option.
I’ll give it a go.