Apologies for my quietness

I’ve been a bit quite here for the past several days. Didn’t want anyone thinking I fell off the face of the Earth, so I thought I’d make a quick post to let everyone know I’m well and not ignoring anyone. We had an emergency in the family this past Friday that has carried on through the weekend. It will settle down a bit starting tomorrow, but it is likely to impact me some coming up, but not as much.

Going to try and hit up support emails and posts here on the forum now, but don’t know how many I’ll get through tonight. I’ll get back on them tomorrow first thing to get all caught up. So if I don’t hit your topic or post up here right away, just give me a day or so. Same goes for emails.


Thanks for letting us know. I hope all goes well (or well enough) moving forward.

All the best Adam.

Hope there are smooth waters soon.


Thanks gentlemen! Appreciate it. It is starting to get back to normal a bit.