Apply typeface to linked list/vertical menu?

The effect I’m going for is a vertical menu constrained within a grid item with a typeface applied to the menu items. The closest I can come is a linked list, but it doesn’t seem to take a typeface.

I’d like it to look something like this:

The colors aren’t exact, but it’s the general idea.

Thanks for any pointers.

Hi @dougmon

At present the Linked List stack is meant to blend in with your normal text on the page.

For now there’s a lot of other stacks in Foundry though with access to Typeface. The Paragraph stack or Header stack could be of use to you in this situation. I don’t know your final vision for things beyond the graphic you posted, but you could use either stack to create that.

I would like for each of the separate lines to be a link to a page, as it would be in a menu. So I need a stack that takes a typeface and a link.


Paragraph seems to work then for that.

I totally forgot about the link built into Stacks! Thanks!

Not a problem at all. Much like everything in web development – there’s always a 1,000 ways to accomplish one task.

I’ve already noted Typeface options for Linked List, Bulleted List and List Group for future features.


What font is that by the way? Something from Google Fonts? Curious as I though I might try it for a test or two.

It is a Google font: Londrina Sketch.

I don’t know that it matters, but I applied CSS to make the font-size 48px.

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