Assigning blog posts to Grid cells/columns

I’d like to have a blog post summary, with its topper image, appear in certain parts of my page.
It could be in a grid cell or in a column.
For example in grid cell 1 the topper image and summary of a certain post would appear, in cell 4 a different post topper image and summary would appear.
How do I set this up with Alloy?

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Not sure I completely follow, but what I think you’re saying is you want a grid layout for the summaries view, correct? If so that is not an option of Alloy.

I guess I want to be able to have the summary view for a particular post to appear anywhere on a page. Just using grid cell as an example.

@Phloque Do you want a masonary view of the main blog page itself?

Thanks Steve_J, it wasn’t what I was expecting when I started this topic but a masonry layout for blog posts would be great.
In the meantime I think I can achieve what I want by setting up a link from a manually created image and post summary to a particular post.