Auto-collapse Drop Down in Mega Menu after selecting item

Hello all,

I am rebuilding a site from scratch (which was not responsive before) and decided to go for Foundry.
On one page I use the Mega Menu to navigate to galleries (Gallery 3 from InStacks) on that page.
I have a few Drop Down items, which contain Plain items that link to Anchors on the same page.

All is working well except for one thing.
After selecting an item, the Drop Down stays open and because the Mega Menu is set to ‘Sticky Navigation’, that looks sloppy, especially on smaller screens. You have to select the same Drop Down item again to close it.
I can kind of solve this by unchecking ‘Sticky Navigation’ (the menu scrolls off screen), but I prefer to have the Mega Menu always visible.

Is there something in the settings I am overlooking, is it just impossible what I want or is there some code I can apply to make it work the way I prefer?

The site is not finished yet, but the page I’m referring to is here:

Thanks in advance for your remarks.


Anchor navigation links are generally meant to be used in the top tier navigation bar. Since the page is not reloading after you click an anchor navigation link the navigation drop down is not reverting to its original state, which is closed. Currently what you’re seeing is the intended behavior, and there is not a feature to do what you wish. My suggestion from a design perspective would be to have the anchor links in the top tier of the navigation.


Staying on the same page doesn’t reload anything. That’s logical, but I simply hadn’t thought of that.
Still learning :slightly_smiling_face:
Thanks for your explanation.