Available hiding toggles in Elixir themes

I am looking for RW themes to combine with Mega Menu from One Little Designer for more business oriented sites.

Does any of the Elixir themes has “Hide toggles” for the following features:

  • Default navigation
  • Banner
  • Footer (if it exist)

(Yes I know there is a Mega Menu in Foundry but that is for Foundry based site, I am looking for solutions for sites that are only build with non-framework stacks).

My themes don’t usually have an option for hiding the navigation. From the sound of what you’re wanting to do, you basically want to accomplish what something like Foundry allows. Most of the styling from themes like Lunar, Hive, Mint, etc comes from the elements you’re wanting to hide. The main content area of themes is usually the least stylized part. You’d probably be best served in the long run with a framework.

Hi Thanks for a quick response. Perhaps we will use Foundry in those cases.