Backdrop still showing?

I’ve got a motion banner working as a backdrop which is fine on desktop and tablet, I’ve then hidden this on the mobile and inserted another image… however on viewing the mobile version in RW, both items are showing? Have I missed something to tick? Cheers Jon

Screen Shot 2020-06-06 at 13.55.47

The “Hide this Stack” setting in the “Responsive” grouping are part of the default Stacks controls. They show/hide content based on the built-in Stacks’ breakpoints. Those breakpoints don’t match the Foundry breakpoints. If you use them, you’ll see things like you’re seeing based on the width of your browser area.

Use the Visibility stack, which is part of Foundry. Place the stacks you want to show/hide inside the Visibility stack and use it’s settings to show/hide your content.

Thanks for the reply, I’ve never used that stack in Foundry before. If I’ve set it right, I’m sadly still having the same issue as above? :neutral_face:

Put the visibility stack on the motion stack, not on the backdrop itself… then it should be hidden. Backdrop shows only when you have visible content inside.

Thanks Fuellemann… as a test I’ve removed the background stack for a mo, and put the motion and vis together, switched all 3 views off, and its still there on the mobile? The only way to remove is toggle the apply to background in motion? Sorry for all the questions.

You have a project file we can look at?

Stripped out file on its way via wetransfer - still doing the same thing btw.
thanks Adam

I’ll look at this when I’m at my desk next. Being the weekend I am out of the office. If you post your download link here others may be able to help if I don’t get to it soon.

Hi @Jonline – You’ve applied Motion to the Site Background, as seen here:

CleanShot 2020-06-09 at 09.07.57

You cannot hide that. The Visibility stack as well as Stacks’ own built-in hiding preferences only hide the stack itself. The “Apply to Site Background” feature is applying a slider to the entire site background, meaning it does not reside inside that original stack any longer.

That makes sense now you have pointed it out, I‘II have to rethink the design a little then. Shame as the background fading in and out, was what I was trying to achieve.
Thanks for all your help Adam

Cheers Jon

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