Background picture and transparant container

Hello, when i choose for a background (in the foundry stack), i want that the container and other stacks in the container are transparant. But when i set the color and choose for 0% opacity, it’s not transparant (i see no photo background) What i do wrong?
Best Reagards, Ribse

If you’d like to post a link to a ZIP file that contains your project we as a community can have a look at it for you.

Here is a zip file of the project, Fietsenbrys (1.3 MB)

You have somehow set the background for the Stacks page itself (meaning the container that all stacks are placed inside of) to be grey. You’ll want to turn that off, as you shouldn’t be setting a color to that:

Open the page, then open up the Stacks options tab in the Page Inspector. Make sure you click outside of all the stacks, like here for instance:

Then turn off the grey background color that you’ve set.

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Thanks Adam, it’s simpel when you now :slight_smile: Greetz Ribse