Badge Boxes with equal hight

I would like to have three badge boxes next to each other with the same height. For this I have the three badge boxes in three columns applied and the equal height selected. Unfortunately, the boxes have not the same high. Within a card deck I can not use the badge boxes. Is there a solution for this?



The equal height option makes the columns themselves equal in height, not the contents within the column. The column can’t force the contents to grow in size to match the column’s own height.

Here is an example of the equal columns setting using just some plain Paragraph stacks. I’ve colored the background of each column (red, green and blue) , as well as color the backgrounds (translucent white) of the Paragraph stacks. You’ll see that the columns themselves are equalized, but the contents are their own thing within the columns:

Short story long – what you’re looking to do isn’t achievable due to the way things have to work.

Hmm ok, i understand…:thinking:

As I said, i’ve also tried this within a card deck. But even if I could pull the badge boxes into a Card Deck, that would not work for the same reason as with the columns. Correct? Ok, its a rhetorical question…

Somehow just a pity that the beautiful badge boxes can not be so aligned. Anyway, thanks for your detailed explanation, Adam.

I’m on my way to the depths of Foundry and try out all the stacks and how they work together. I know I will have many questions and I hope my questions (especially with my bad english) are not misunderstood. Until now, I am thrilled by the functionality of Foundry!

Hi @elixirgraphics can’t you make a Badge box group just like a Card deck group, so the bottom icons are always aligned based on the highest Badge box?

Are you asking if that is something that is possible with the stacks as they are now? If so, then no, that is not a possibility as the stacks currently stand.

You could use the JW Match Height stack to achieve this. Works great in Foundry.

See it as a feature request :slight_smile:

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