Banner - Cannot remove the left / right padding

i like to have a slideshow in my banner area. But when i use the banner stack and put a slider stack inside, i cannot remove the padding on the left and the right side, although i switch the “inner container” to fluid.
The Container Stack has a checkbox to “Remove left & right paddin” or i can try the “Edge-to-Edge Container” function. I miss these options for the banner stack.
At the moment i use the slider stack without the banner stack, but without a banner i am not able to stick the Navbar at the bottom of my “banner”.
I would like to use the banner stack, because of the great Banner height options. I would like to use small banners for full-width view and relatively higher banners for mobile devices.
But this would require to set the vertical alignment to “center”.
But this is just a wish and maybe still possible with a bit CSS.
At least thank you for Foundry. It motivates me to work again with RW.

The Banner stack wasn’t built with the intention of placing a slider over top of its contents and having it go edge-to-edge. I suspect there would be a better way of accomplishing what you’re looking to do perhaps. If you post a Dropbox link to your project file I will have a look at it and see what you’re trying to accomplish exactly and see if it is possible or not.

Hi Adam,
i have no experiences with forums, that‘s why i will send the Dropbox-Link by email.

I will download your project file now and have a look at it this morning.

Sorry it taking me a while today to get to this. My internet is coming and going it seems.

When I open your project though, on the home page I do not see a Banner stack. Is that the page you’re wanting me to look at? If not, which page should I be looking at?

Don‘t worry. One or two days more doesn‘t matter.
And yes, I mean the “Intro” or “Projekte” page.
You see the interim result here:
My aim is to have a slideshow in the banner area.
Due to the problem that the slider stack inside of the banner stack produces the unwanted left and right padding, I only use a slider stack and it works.
But I am not sure if this causes any problems.
And options like the sticky navbar at the lower end of the banner are understandably not possible.

What you have, the Slider by itself, that is completely valid. You don’t have to put things in a Banner stack to have it be the “banner” of your site.

Ok, fine. Then i will continue finishing my site. Thank you!