Banner Image Missing on non-Safari Browsers

I have used RapidWeaver off and on for a couple of years and have gone through the Foundry video training that RapidWeaver sells. Consequently I started working on website for a non-profit I volunteer at. I created a home page with a banner and nav. bar similar to what was created in the training. I thought things were OK until I displayed it on Firefox and Chrome. The banner was missing!

If I switch to a colored banner, it appears. I downloaded their sample site Artisan and compared settings. All is the same except they did not use the nav. bar. I’ve deleted my nav. bar, but the image still won’t appear. I am stumped.

In addition, I have included one Stacks page along with four Foundry pages. The nav. bar does not work correctly when I make the Stacks page a child of a Foundry page. Is this expected? Should I not do this?

If you want to see the page, it is at


I’ve loaded up the page you linked to and the banner appears in Safari, Firefox and Chrome here for me. If you’re referring to a different image file then you have published I will need a copy of that image file. Send me a ZIP file containing the image file you’re having problems with please.

I’m a little confused. Foundry pages are Stacks pages, so I’m not sure I’m understanding what you mean. Can you give me a specific example? Point me to a page where the navigation is not working and tell me which navigation item(s) you’re having a problem with.

Thanks for responding. After I posted the problem, I decided to look at the nonsplash image image I was using. I reduced the width significantly. Originally it was over 6,000 pixels wide. I reduced it to 1500, and the banner worked on all browsers. I did not have time to correct the post.

Regarding the Stacks item, I am trying to use a stack that was developed to display a Google map and provide interaction with the user. It is not part of Foundry. If I include it under the Foundry stack, the map does not display correctly. So the question now is ‘Can I include a page that does not use the Foundry stack?’ Also can I make it a child of a Foundry stack?

Did I clear this up? Again Thanks!

Glad you got your image problem fixed. Yes, a 6000px wide image is… huge. Smaller, like your 1500px image should help. Also ensure it is 72 dpi and also think about using some compression software on it, like

Yes, that is no big deal at all.