Banner image request - add Opacity to BG colour

Can I make a request to add in Opacity to the BG colour in Banner. There is currently no BG colour opacity in Banner and it is therefore impossible to adjust or to make the BG colour transparent. Both Jumbotron and Backdrop do allow Opacity.

The use here is to use a warehouse image stack behind the Banner to be able to use warehouse images in Banners and to allow page BG image to show through. Currently the only way to do this is to use a BG image that is a transparent image.

Currently this is not something I am inclined to add to the Banner stack. The Banner stack is designed to hold an image, color, gradient, etc, as well as the banner contents and is not designed to be a transparent overlay on top of another image.

Outside of the use you’ve outlined, are there other good uses for a transparent background color for the Banner stack’s background?

Sees odd that the Jumbotron and Backdrop have opacity and Banner doesn’t.

Putting this another way, if you add opacity to the banner stack, the banner stack will become more flexible and is something that Foundry users would want.

They are not Banners and are meant to be sections within the page. The opacity sliders are for letting the site background image show through. This is not something you generally do with a banner.

If this is a one-off situation, use the Backdrop stack for it this time around.

I’m confused now because Banner and Backdrop have totally different functionality and are not interchangeable.

This isn’t a one off situation and is a common requirement. Stacks 3 introduced Opacity and it was one of the most significant updates in the last few years in RW.

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