Banner: Images in Lock Background are too large

Hi, I am using a banner image.

Whenever I set the banner image to be locked, it scales up in size and does not show the complete image any longer.

Is there a way to keep the image the same size, if it is locked or not? I like the locked view but if only a part of the image is shown, it is quite disturbing.



It is a known bug that I’ve already addressed that will be in the next update.

Sorry I mis-read your post initially. This is not a bug.

This is how locked images work. A locked image works like so… The locked background image feature has to make sure there is something for the page to scroll over. The image gets sized up to fill the entirety of the browser window so that as the visitor scrolls and rest of the page’s content moves around it can appear as though it is sliding over the background image. Hopefully this makes sense since this is a pre-coffee explanation.

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Hm. If I do not set the image to locked, it still looks and scales nice and the browser has enough to scroll over. If I set it to locked, only parts of the image is seen. Unless I shrink the browser window to a tablet size, then both images look nice and scale the same.

I hope you can review this locked feature and see if the images scale correctly. I think there is a feature which scales images if they are too small - but this feature also comes into play, if the images are large enough for the site. Mine was e.g. 1500px wide.

Re-read my post. You replied before I got to edit it.

There isn’t anything to review. This is how locked background images with CSS’s background-attachment: fixed works when using it in this fashion. It may not be the effect you’re looking for, but it is working correctly if I understand what you’re explaining. If you want to post a URL for me to look at I can let you know if it is working the way it should.

Looking at it and it is working just as it is supposed to. The smaller devices like iPhones and ipads do not support locked backgrounds natively so it defaults to unlocked. What you have there is how it is supposed to function. :+1:

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