Banner Photo Not Fully Displaying

Hi. I’m a novice building my home page in Foundry and trying to use a photo (72 dpi, RGB, 1056 × 638) but there are two problems: only the upper half of the photo displays in preview, and there’s a blue border on the left and right sides of the photo.

How do I increase the banner area so the full photo shows up? How do I get rid of the side borders?

Thank you!

Hey there @cubana!

If you post a link to the page that you’re having problems with I can take a look for you. Also, if you’d like to create a ZIP file that contains your project file and the image I can take a look directly at your project file. You can email that to adam at elixirgraphics dot com

Thanks, but I don’t have a link. It took several hours, but I figured it out. Now I’ve moved on to other problems :slight_smile:

Glad you got it all figured out. :+1: