Banner Slideshow creation

Hi Everyone,
I would like to create a banner slideshow with foundry. I used the slider and the sliding of the images works pretty fine. But I am missing the function that the picture gets automatically adjusted to e certain height and filling the while width. When I enter pictures of different sizes, they will only display in full size, i.e. they will show in their different sizes. Is there a way so that the pictures get automartically adjusted to a certain height and stretch to the whole width of the page?

Thanks a lot for your help

Hi, yes, you should use the motion stack for this. It is part of the PotionPack:


The Motion stack is a pretty good option, as @Fuellemann points out, but you could also crop and scale your images all to the same size before adding them to your slideshow. This is a better approach as you’ll also get the opportunity to compress your images with something like

This will also mean that you’re not wasting bandwidth on parts of an image that are getting seen if we were to just set a fixed height and parts of some of your images were getting hidden.

I think upfront work with images is the best approach. Use something like Photoshop, Pixelmator, or even OS X’s Preview app, to crop images and then compress them with a service like I mentioned above and you’ll be on the right track.


Thank you very much for your help

Thanks for the info. Will have a look at it.