Banner stack "Banner Image" section not showing in inspector

On a Foundry page of an existing RW7 project the “Banner Image” part of the inspector does not show the contents, despite the reveal arrow pointing down. Same problem when creating a completely new project.

The section appears as it should on various sample projects such as Embers

I sent this query via the EG support page, but didn’t know how to attach these screenshots. So thought this would explain my problem better.

I am using stacks 3

Downloading Foundry and its stacks again didn’t work

Hi @Phloque

If you change the Banner Style option to image the dropdown for the Banner Image will open and let you drop your banner image into the well.


Thanks Kryten
I think my problem was starting at the top of the Banner stack inspector and getting stuck on trying to give the banner a background image, rather than looking further.