Banner Stack with Ken burns

Does Elixir make a Banner stack that has the ability to do ken-burns?

I’ll take that as a No

You’ll take what as a No?

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No one replied to my post…lol

I don’t think he does but I wanted to make sure before I bought one from Joe over at

It is the weekend, so I try to spend time with family on my off days. I’m sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner…

You can use the Motion tool in Foundry.


No worries Adam, I wasn’t expecting you to reply. I figured someone from community would chime in…lol. That’s a great idea about using the motion stack, I will play around with that and see what I can come up with.


That is not true though, right? Your posts here read as if you expected a reply and expected it within a certain amount of time. Your original post occurred this morning. Just a matter of several hours latter you were complaining because no one had replied on a weekend:

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Slow your roll, I was not complaining! I simply seen that several people had viewed my post and no one made a comment or suggestion, so to me I was thinking that no one knew of a stack of yours that would do ken Burns, that’s it, end of story.

Please do not tell me to “slow my roll.” You were impatient with the fact that you’d received no reply. This impatience can only be directed in one of two places: towards myself or towards the other users who volunteer their time here on the forum because they like helping people. Either way it felt a bit rude. If you’d like to discuss if further you’re welcome to email me about it.