Banners foundry 3

Hi I just bought the foundry 3 and yesterday I look all the tutoriel and was confortable to use foundry

But I do not see the banner stack in my list
I see background but did you change something since the tutoriel was done News version ?

My goal is to use a video banners

Thank you

The Foundry 3 tutorials do not show a Banner tool. Foundry 3 uses the Background tool for banners, call to action sections and more. This is a part of the more modular approach found in Foundry 3. Give the Foundry 3 Getting Started page a look. There’s a great tutorial series there by RapidWeaver Classroom that gets you up and running, and it touches on the topic of the Background tool.

As for video based banners – that would be achieved using the Foundry 3 Cinema tool.


Very good I will look at that I understand I,m news here but I will learn
Thank you for your time


I believe à look old vidéo that’s why

If you send me a link to the video you watched I can let you know, as well as remove it if necessary.