Benefits of Building in Foundry 3 rather than Foundry 2

Hi there

I’m a long time user of Foundry and have built quite a few sites with the wonderful F2. I have Foundry 3 installed but haven’t yet really worked up anything with it.

It may be a daft question but are there any obvious benefits of building in F3 over in F2? I’m looking to rebuild my own site so would be interested to know of improvements between the two.


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F3 is way more powerful, and WAY faster than F2 from a page-load perspective. It’s way more flexible, too - but that does come with some added complexity, and a learning curve.

It’s SO worth it, though!

Read the documentation, and don’t expect direct like-for-like tools all the time - sometimes some lateral thinking is needed to get certain layouts & functionality, but it’s all possible.

Definitely have a play.


I totally agree with @jacksona, your pages will be a little lighter becuase F3 is more modular than F2 and way more flexible. I could go back to F2 if I had too, but man it wouldn’t be nearly as fun.


Hey @arlenj and @jacksona - thanks! Much appreciated. I’ll do my new site in F3 and look forward to learning some new things.

Have a close look at the starter kits to see how things interact - it is a great learning help for me :slight_smile:

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Hey @Fuellemann - thanks, I’m literally going through videos at the moment. I purchased Foundry 3 the day it was released but found myself midway through building other sites to stop and restart them in the new version.

I figured because I’m going to use it for my own site then I can afford to spend more time leaning / getting things wrong without a solid deadline as such.

It’s always good to keep learning and adopting to new methods but it’s also so easy to stick with what you know. From what I’ve read here I’m sure it’ll be fun getting going in F3 and Adam does an amazing job on his videos!

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If I can get caught up on some work I have plans for more videos as well. Just need to find the time. It is hard to do sometimes as a one person operation. Hope you have fun exploring Foundry 3! :tada:

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Hi @elixirgraphics - very cool, videos are just the best way to learn I find.

Hats off to you for being a one person operation, it’s pretty incredible how much you get done and to such a high quality. I found myself chuckling at some of your movie references on the Foundry 3 site - you’ve covered many of my favourites in there and it makes it all very human. Nice work!

Thanks. Working on lots of stuff for Foundry right now as a matter of fact!

Glad you enjoy the movie references. It was a way to make the documentation writing fun for me, too. :rofl: