Best one-page/continuous scrolling page

I’d like to create a one-page site that seamlessly scrolls. So far I have only found options using the Sections stack but does not continuously scroll. Can you do this?

Continuous? Like this?

No. More like this. It smoothly scrolls down the page.

Maybe I’m not seeing it, but that’s a regular page that scrolls up and down. Can you explain again what you are trying to do that is different to a regular web page?


Oddly on that “Call Me Lucky” site, with the exception of the Video link which opens a modal, none of the top nav links work for me on desktop. If I narrow the browser window to tablet or mobile, the nav links work.

Tried it on Safari and FF. Anyone else have that happening, or am I just lucky?

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I had exactly the same - none of the menu links work - it doesn’t even highlight the active anchor points on scroll.

I can’t see anything special about that page at all :man_shrugging: