Best Online Store in 2020

What is the preferred online store for Digital Products?

Ecwid, Cartloom or Paddle?

Hello ODAS,

I almost tried all of them during the last days.
• Ecwid seams to be the best for me as it provides nice stacks (from Axyn for 49$) and they have a good support that answers in 15 minutes… It works easy and it takes one hours to set everything… There is a lot of things you can do with the stacks. I put a simple button [100€ | Add to cart] and a floating cart and that’s it. So very flexible design. But… it is the most expensive as they take at least 15€ every month.
• Cartloom looks very good too. From my point of view it is less flexible. A little young too… And a little less expensive. But its developper is friendly :slight_smile:
• Paddle was not adapted to the goods I sell and not adapted to the way I sell… But I like the way it works in the web site very much… pop up… simple [Add to cart] buttons, etc…
• One word about Yuzool Cart3… I purchased the bundle for 79$. It includes Cart1.8… Damned ! I sent 3 messages to the developper, and after 8 days I did not get any answer. This is really not good… As I’m sure is not on vacation… So don’t loose your money with him… :wink:


Thank you for providing this information @ThunderFred. I will check out the stack from Axyn. Also I found the 3 part Ecwid video training from Realmac Software very good. (No need for any addition stack)

I hope to receive some more feedback from experienced Web Developers/Designers on this forum

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