Best Practices for Page Partial

I’m trying to decide about the best/standard/normal way to manage things on a page, with the intent to use it as a partial. I plan to have Foundry and Typeface, then Columns (my responsive page header) and MegaMenu to makeup my standard Page Partial.

QUESTION 1: Should I put all of these elements in a Group?

QUESTION 2: Where should Margins go? Inside or outside the Group?


You can put anything you like in a Group stack. The Group stack is used for just this – grouping items for your organizational purposes in Edit Mode.

That said, personally I would not group content like a navigation, or other items in with my Control Center and Typeface stack. You may find this restrictive down the line. In fact I often make separate partials for my Control Center and my Typeface stack. My Navigation is almost always its own partial, too.

However you like. Group is only there for your organization of content in Edit Mode.

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Thanks! Very helpful!