Best way to show sliding quotations

I’m re-building an old site in Foundry and need to put together some sliding quotes like the ones at the bottom of this page -

Am I right in thinking the Slider stack is the best way to do this?


Carpenter has an example of this type of design if you own that template pack.

I personally used the Slider stack in my pre-built templates.

I do. I’ll check it out. Thanks

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I have used Slider Stack - not finished yet.



On the Testimonials Slider, how can stop stack moving up and down to fit different amount of text?


The changing height is due to responsive sizing, which is something you want with a responsive layout. If you want to use something like the Equalize or Vertical Center stacks you could do so to help even things up. But responsiveness is definitely something you want to happen in a responsive environment like Foundry.

Thanks very much for the prompt response and comments well noted.


Off-topic - apologies
But I really liked the Questrial font on
It’s now my default Typeface.
Thanks for showing it to me.

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