Big thanks Adam...Amazing support and service

Hi all,

I just wanted to tell you about my experience yesterday with Adam from Elixir Graphics.

I found a small issue with one of his stacks, his response to my email was almost immediate and after a few emails back and forth testing a few settings he had it fixed and sorted within hours of my original support request.

Amazing support and service, not something I have experienced with many other developers who either take days or weeks to respond and sometimes can’t even sort a bug or issue with their app.

It certainly fills me with confidence when purchasing stacks and themes from Adam into the future.

Cheers to all.


Well said. Best support I ever had for any of my software!

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Thanks @scottf & @pumpkin! I really appreciate the kind words. And big thanks to @scottf for helping test different things so that I could track down that bug. I’ll try and make sure that the fix doesn’t mess up anything else in the process and get it released once I have tried it out in various situations.

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