Blog entry order is a bit mixed up


The order of my posts on the blog are as follows: Sept, June, November, October.

Not sure where I made a mistake, they load fine so the dates are correct on the files.

Any thoughts?

Send me a ZIP file containing your posts folder and I will have a look.

Thanks Adam, I sent it off this AM.


Didn’t receive anything. Let me know where you sent it and I can check it, but I check email constantly all day and haven’t seen anything. If you want you can send it as a direct message here, too.

I just replied to the email generated by the forum. I will send it again to your email directly. Stand by…

Just got it.

You’ve omitted the zeroes on the front of the single digit numbers for your blog post dates. You have to have the leading zero.

For example, a post you have right now the filename looks like so:

It should instead look like this, note the zeroes on the front of the 9 and the 8:

Also, and this is just me as a personal preference – be sure to use descriptive file names when possible. Later on the down the road it is easy to possibly accidentally re-use red-shirts as and ID, but was harder to accidentally re-use richard-and-more-receive-their-red-shirts. Obviously this isn’t necessary but it could save you a headache down the road. Just my 2 cents.

AH ha! I should have relied on my Navy training!

No problem. And those extra zeroes also make it easier on the eyes, imho.