Blog posts not showing up

Blogs aren’t showing up.
Also, it’ll show the most recent post with ‘read more’ and then the next most recent in it’s entirety.
PHP is 7.3.6

in ‘editor’…

As it appears on blog…

We’ll need some more info as well as a link to the live site at the least.

It is very hard to tell in the screenshot, but bave you embedded a video in a post that is getting inserted into the summary on the blog list page? If so that could be your problem. You might try plain text for all of your entries as a test as that cuts out variables.

If not please post that live url for us. Late here but I can possibly look at it tomorrow.

The only video is inside the post.
Here’s the link Blog | MOOSEVOICE

Thanks Adam

There’s a video showing in the summary view right here:

It is within the section of the post that is auto generating the summary. Please try what I suggested:

Or simply try removing that video embed or using a custom summary for that post that does not contain an embed.

I removed the youtube video and, like you said, it seems to have resolved.
I’m a little confused though as the youtube embed was WITHIN the post.
Is the ‘Youtube embed’ button NOT for sticking videos within a blog post?

When you do not provide a custom summary of your own, the Blog Entries stack uses a portion of your blog’s body content as the summary. Your embed may seem like next to nothing, but the code it inserts spans many characters – likely more than the auto generated truncation is set to for your auto generated characters. Thus the code block gets chopped in half by the concatenation, and the resultant code block causes an error on the page.

Your options –

(1) provide a custom summary that does not include the embed
(2) place the embed further into the body of the post, past the approximated truncation length
(3) don’t use the embed

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Took care of that but now I have some more posts NOT showing up.

Here’s the posts not showing up. They should be the last 2:

There’s likely something in your posts that is causing a problem. But we can’t help without seeing the Markdown files for those posts.

Provide us a copy of your these filse please.

Create a ZIP file containing your posts folder from your site. After creating the ZIP file, upload it using a service like Dropbox, WeTransfer, Droplr, or a similar service to create download link for us. Paste that download link in your reply.

Thank you.

It is the same problem we’ve discussed further up this thread before. You have a video embed within the range of the auto truncated summary:

I feel like what would be good for you is to turn on custom summaries for the Editor so that you can write a separate summary that will definitely not include an embed.

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Thanks again, Adam. I’ve added the custom summary and they seem to be posting now.
Having a separate issue with the topper image but will put that in another post here.