Blog Section on Existing Web Site

My Website is built using RapidWeaver and Foundry and the ThunderPack CreaTECH Solutions
What I would like to do is to add a new page/section that would be titled blogs and maintain the same design as the rest of the site.
Before I purchase Alloy, I want to know if this is possible. If so, can someone point to the documentation for this, or a video tutorial?

Hav you seen these videos?

I have seen the tutorials, but before I invest any time or money in the product, I just want to know if I can add a blog section to my web site and maintain the same look and feel that I already have. If I can, I am more than willing to invest the time and money, I just want to make sure that it is possible.

Good morning @StewartLynch

The whole point of Alloy is to be able to drop a blog into your Foundry project. You lay your blog page out the same way you do the rest of your Foundry-based site. Instead of your normal content you simply place Alloy in there instead. Watching through those tutorials that @Rob linked to should show the way Alloy works.