Bloom - Hover Not Working

I just realized that since the v1.0.2 update, Bloom no longer shows the hover effect when mousing over the image. Was this removed?

Hmmm. I’ll have to give this one a look. It was definitely not intentional. Let me fire up RapidWeaver and get a fresh cup of coffee and I’ll see what I can see.

@DLH Did it stop working for you on the published site or just within RW’s Preview Mode?

I actually didn’t publish with v1.0.2. When I noticed the issue in RW preview, I then tried the preview in Safari feature and saw the issue there too.

I did check your demo site and and it’s working there, but it looks like that was published with v1.0.1.

I just published a page with v1.0.2, and it’s not working when published. I switched back to v1.0.1 and republished and it’s fine.

Yeah I don’t republish for every update.

OK. Thanks. The code for the feature hasn’t changed so I suspect something else must have. Off to have a look.

Hey there again @DLH – can you send me your email address via direct message? If you do that I’ll email you a test version of the stack to make sure everything is working for you and nothing else seems to be broken in the process.