Booking System – Appointment Booking and Scheduling – Widget

Hello everybody,

I am looking for a stack or a piece of a code to be used as a widget for booking and scheduling appointments.
It should also let my customers follow and control the booking process through a stepped line and be linked with a landing page for transactions.

I have been searching hard around and just today I found something pretty good but unfortunately it works as a plugin with WordPress only:

The idea I have got in my mind can be well explained with a few screenshots from a website I have picked up as my ideal benchmark.

Thanks anybody for their valuable help and suggestions

Changing the category for this post to undefined since this isn’t directly Foundry related, but more of a general RW question.

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Thank you for spcifying Adam

Can you post this in the RW forums as well? There are quite a few people who might be of help.

Thank you Fuellemann, I am going to do it now.
See you there so

To anyone this could concern.

OK, it seems I created a boring topic.

After a little deeper search, I found that what I am looking for exists as a WordPress plugin only.
Because I am not a developer I don’t know if there are any means of replicating or integrating it in RW environment
I would also prefer not turn to an outsourced service like PHPJabbers or so.

@elixirgraphics I would ask you for some advice about, would you?

Thank you anyway

Morning @Metello

I’m not sure that I’m understanding your question to me. I think you’re asking if I’d be interested in developing such a plugin for Stacks, correct? If so, I have to apologize, but that is not something I’d have any interest in developing. There’s several reasons, but one of them is that it would be a lot of development for a product that would be very niche in the RapidWeaver market, IMHO.

Hi @elixirgraphics, no I was not at all asking you for such a thing like that.
I just wonder how and where I could find out something.

Thanks again

I don’t know of something like that or I’d have chimed in with my original post.

OK Adam, thank you for replying me

There´s a Booking stack by Yuzool.

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Thank you @Mako, I have seen that too.

It is good but looks poor in comparison with FormLoom 4, even though the latter doesn’t fit all my needs. The most important feature I have been looking for is the possibility of blocking specific slots or recurrent dates through a calendar.
Actually Booking Stack claims to be doing that but I haven’t found any instruction about so far.

I really don’t know why a booking form as awesome as the one provided with the WordPress widget I described in my screenshots is not available for RW. It could fit every styling need. It is frustrating.

If I believe that the Booking Stack offers those functions, however, Michael Frankland of Yuzool Themes when he returns from travel will clarify or confirm it. You can contact him on the RW forum.

Thank you @TINO, I am going to do it.

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I have the booking stack and quickly realised that it has several crucial missing features missing such as having specific dates/times bookable. You can limit the times that are bookable but not the days. I wanted it as an appointment booking stack but only need specific days and times which the stack lacks.

The ‘Time Ranges’ box isn’t well documented and strangely formatted.
I would get a php script from the like of phpjabbers.

Hi @jspencer, I actually realised the very same after having made the mistake of purchasing that stack. Missing so many features and documentation. And for such a high price. I feel fooled, you know?
Anyway I sent their support’s address a detailed e-mail asking for infos, so far nobody answered me but let’s wait for some replies, hopefully.

@Metello – If you’re ok with it I’m going to go ahead and close this thread since it isn’t really related to anything Elixir in any way, and since you’ve already reached out to the developer you need to hear from about this issue.

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Hi Adam @elixirgraphics, yes I think it is fine.
Many thanks to you and to all the people who gave me their help